Thursday, October 13, 2011

Calendar and other random thoughts . . .

Waiting anxiously for the arrival of the sample calendars I designed to feature my sheep portfolio. The images were chosen from a group of new and older shots, black and white. I'm learning so much about online resources like Picassa, but the time spent on the project is astonishing. Suddenly hours have gone by. What have I accomplished? A little bit more confidence and that is worth it, I suppose.  Off to feed hungry boys now, one of whom talks to me about the delay in getting the dinner together. The other rests patiently, knowing I can be relied on to provide the victuals. Today saw another honey colored chow in the current issue of DownEast Magazine. That one lives with Martha Stewart, who is the subject of the feature article (she has a home on Mt Desert Island and has promoted Maine businesses and products for years). You can be that's one lucky dog.

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