Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 2nd Opening of Home Grown Artist installation at Primo

Once again, thank you to MK, PK, and JR for making this happen. It's up through June 30th. 


Soon after being born in Yonkers NY in 1963, Lori Schafer relocated to farm country in Upstate New York while still in diapers. Surrounded by a menagerie of farm animals,
her love of them continued to grow and eventually found this love running alongside her love of creating art. A few decades later she founded WalkingWool™ Studio & Gallery—a name chosen because her love of sheep transcended all other animals, save for dogs. She spends the majority of her time making photographic portraits, spinning and dyeing wool, and creating wearable objects that celebrate the unique qualities of the “raw stuff.”

A longtime artist, Lori Schafer has worked at iconic NYC art museums and galleries. She is a dedicated vegetarian, and spent many years creatively absorbed with the fruits of her existence. A multiyear series of large scale vegetable drawings were inspired by her involvement with CSA farms. A juried competition sponsored by The Fitchburg Art Museum culminated in having those works displayed in the museum for three months. She has been selected over three decades to exhibit throughout the Northeast United States.

Lori received her BA Cum Laude in Fine Art and German from St. Lawrence University, and studied art history at CUNY Grad School for several years. She has also lived and travelled abroad extensively. She currently resides in Rockland ME with her husband Jeff and dog Igby, and is thrilled to work as a Host on the Primo Team for a third exciting season.


My approach with farm animals is up close and personal, just as it was with vegetables.  It would not be possible for me to get too near to them, and even take home pieces of their existence (wool fleece) to handle, transform, and celebrate. Even the fiber dyes I work with have a natural origin, whether they grow wild, or are cultivated in my gardens.

Taking the portraits is my way of bringing the animals back to the studio with me so that I can constantly savor the joy I get being near them. How can anyone not adore these beautiful and peaceful creatures? Clearly, I cannot!

Celebrating the Divine Ovine©