Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wool Walking out the door . . . shipping day at WW.

Packing up a couple of special packages today. One to London . . . a Nursing Shawl knit with hand spun chocolate Merino wool sourced from historic Gore Place in Waltham MA. They host a fiber fest every spring, and I acquired this fleece on my first visit there, along with capturing some of my most favorite sheep portraits.


And, a special gift for Hanukkah -- sister to sister -- of four hanks of hand spun (and some hand dyed too) yarn: Swamp Flowers, Grey Skies-Touch of Clearing, Kiwi Grey, and Starry Skies Maine. Thank you so much AL for gift giving through WalkingWool. Hope your Sis has fun. 

Shoulder Seam -- Helpful tips from Berocco