Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Canada 2010

Our trip to Montreal and the Eastern Townships (North Hatley) was restful and good for what ailed us. The photos tell it all. Got much knitting and eating done, and no spinning, or sheep photography. But, relished good times with Jeff and Jeric walking and contemplating. It was a true escape for a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My husband pointed out that our "official" anniversary was May 22nd, the day I volunteered to serve at the Adopt a Pet event for WARL. The date came and went without me realizing it's significance to us (and it did to him as well!). We seem to be more focused on the anniversary of our first date, March 29, then on the day we signed the marriage certificate. That makes sense to me.

Just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle here in Montreal where we are vacationing. What an inspiration! Both the city and the book. I am looking forward to living and eating more locally and responsibly, and looking forward to bringing home some of the spirit of this city with me as well.

No spinning here but getting some much neglected knitting done with linen and Noro sock yarn. Dog walking in the park is also a lovely activity here, in such a canine-friendly city.