Wednesday, November 6, 2013

She's back!
Getting my fiber on in a big way in recent weeks, now that my day-job working life has slowed down considerably. Learning also to navigate with my fiber stuff through the spaces of my new  home. Yes, we have a very large bathroom, so washing fleece is not so intrusive to our daily needs in that space. Storing supplies is much more of a challenge, and I'm looking to go vertical where ever possible, as we have limited floor space but do have very high ceilings. Found a sunny cozy corner for spinning, and can share the seat with my little guy Igby (= very sweet and comforting). Major questions around heating up the dye pots (in the kitchen???? on the porch via  hotplate and extension cords???? dunno yet). 
Nevertheless, I'm so thrilled to be working with very apropos, local fiber sources, especially Dandelion Spring Farm, which oversees a Maine Island flock, a mix of breeds that has existed on this secret island for a long, long time. The first fleece is turning out to be such a gorgeous snowy white. Have a chocolate brown one as well to work on. Feels  (literally) so good to be back in action.