Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Halcyon Yarn in Bath ME

The Halcyon Yarn store is just down the SAME street from where we are staying in Bath this time. Met some nice ladies at Knit Night of all ages and life experiences. Could easily slip into that social group in no time!

Purchased a couple of ounces of Black Welsh Mountain and Blue Faced Leicester (separately) roving to try spinning on a store wheel. Only just tapped the vast browsing selection at this destination fiber store.

Spun some of this guy's hair during Spin In night last week at Halcyon. (Isn't he handsome there, posed with the Bath bridge in the background?) I aligned the fibers first with his little grooming brush, then rolled them off into a mini rolag. It spun up rather well. I used a new Louet S10 double treadle that was shiny and quick! A nice group of Mainers attended and the conversation was fun.

Although this guy is shedding up a storm right now, I'd need to blend his hair with something else to spin it. Oh well, he's a looker, not a fiber provider.

And this guy, definitely a looker, but those white facial hairs won't be tested out on my wheel. I prefer them exactly where they are.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meadowcroft Farm | For a future with a pasture.

Meadowcroft Farm For a future with a pasture.

Saw Nanne again today in Bath at the Markings Gallery, just celebrating its 1st anniversary. Her wool garments are absolutely stunning. The gallery is delightful and full of marvelous Maine made objects. More reason to love Bath.