Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Second, Third and into the Fourth Week . . .

My new life in Maine is a wonder. Lots of pleasant discoveries (people, places, things) as we continue to unpack, settle in, and get acquainted with the community. The photos tell the story, hopefully, better than any words could . . .

View behind our local hospital. Wow.

Stone bench in hospital foyer. Wow.

Ready for an anniversary dinner in Camden.

Celebrating 24 years together. Wow.

Pier we walk to most mornings. Wow.

Igby isn't sure you are supposed to be on top of the water like this, and without a life preserver.

What a dog park in Rockland looks like. Wow.

How we eat locally -- fried Brussels sprouts and  limited edition Maine brew. Wow.

Our dining room, still a work in progress.

A view worthy of the Wyeths. 

Walking to Owl's Head Lighthouse.

The AWESOME view on our walk. Wow.


Jeric likes it here very much.

This place is easy to love.

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Alyson said...

happy anniversary to two of my favorite people! i love the pics, what an amazing place...looks like you belong there.