Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off to NOFA's Summer Conference

Four of us from the Guild met last night to discuss our presentation -- For the Love of Sheep -- at the annual NOFA Summer Conference in Amherst MA this weekend. On Sunday we'll give 1 1/2 hours of demonstration, discussion and encouragement to anyone interested in working with fiber. Betsy is our workshop leader, as she has had many opportunities to give demonstrations . . . and, she's good at it! This is the largest venue we will have appeared at as a guild. We've got the fiber map, a new business card, and plenty of samples and stories.

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The Salty Ewe said...

Thinking of you and your group today - hope it goes well and that there's a nice turnout even though you are last on the list for the day. Will be eager to hear how it went and to dye some more wool with you later this week.