Sunday, April 4, 2010

70 Degrees + at Overlook Farm/Heifer Project, Rutland MA

Oohhhh, definitely feel like I got my photo mojo back this afternoon. Who needs Easter Dinner when there are amazing shelter dogs to train in the morning, and highly animated sheep to photograph in the afternoon! And, with the temp reaching mid 70s, the day could not have been more beautiful. (Oh, I forgot the strawberry shortcake Ben & Jerry's ice cream at 4:30PM outside in the backyard, while discussing marketing WARL with Jeff -- he had plain 'ole chocolate.). Also took out the little video camera purchased a long time ago that I am still getting acquainted with. Will be crash training myself tonight and tomorrow to start filming the shelter dogs in need of video storytelling. Ahhh, why must I sleep! So much to do!

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