Monday, February 22, 2010

Volunteer Time

(These photos courtesy of the WARL website!)

I am committing to giving hours each week to the dogs at the Worcester Animal Rescue League. I walked on Friday and again today for two+ hours each day. The dogs are so diverse, and so great. I wish more people would spend time with them.

Friday I was especially impressed with Sandy, a tall, long and elegant girl right out of an 18th Century European painting. Brindle colored and with one mangled ear, she is a real ball dog, and would catch snow or tennis balls expertly with every toss I made. And, today, it was the last dog I walked, Juan from Puerto Rico (Little Juan, I like to call him), a SATO rescue dog. He is a "noodle" dog, a mix of basset hound and maybe pointer or other bird dog. Cute and small and very shy but wanting to love and play. Had to coax his collar onto him, but then we had a nice walk.

I leave dripping in sweat from the exertion, but satisfied by the experience of helping.

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