Saturday, May 17, 2014

May fun at the Windsor Fairgrounds

A Lincoln flock

A Boer Goat billy

A Boar Goat nanny

Mystery breed piglets.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May is here and so are the fiber festivals, in Maine at least. The weekend of May 16-18 there's a three-day Expo at Windsor Fairgrounds
 That Saturday is a workshop in Bath at Halcyon with Katherine Cobey! Sigh! And, the June Fiber Frolic is early in the month -- soon!
So much to plan for.
Got some great books out of the Rockland Library: Katherine C.'s Diagonal Knitting, and another on "revolutionary" knitting from the center out, written by a guy (will get the name in here shortly).
Looking to get my dye plants growing outdoors soon. Have tried some indigo in peat pots indoors but not sure what will sprout. My new neighbor is a gardener, too, so we should have some fun together this summer.
Signing off with some of my favorite recent shots taken at Straw Farm/Dandelion Spring Farm, Newcastle ME in April on a pretty chilly but sunny day. Really warmed my heart to be there.