Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 ME Fiber Frolic at the Windsor Fairgrounds, Windsor ME

Just under one hour's drive away from home, I finally got to ME's own sheep and wool festival. It's the last one of the season in New England, always the first weekend in June. The fairgrounds are old-time classic, and the drive up Route 17 is bucolic and easy. I'm learning to really love what's called the Inland MidCoast region, rich with farmland, woods, ponds and lakes, and big rolling hills, and all just a short skip back to the sea. Talk about balance.

So, at the Frolic we wandered through the Used Equipment barn, visited with new-to-us vendors and reconnected with old contacts (Hatchtown Farm -- must visit them this summer in Bristol). Also remembered that I've wanted to see Frelsi Farm, home of Icelandic sheep (and sheep dogs???) in Bremen.

My mission was to find some dye plants and peruse the used equipment for any deals. No deals found, but met some lovely folks from Lincolnville, just up the road from Rockland. The woman is . . . the other Lori Shafer. No kidding. She and husband Gerald make Blending Boards, and so another daytrip is in the making. Really a treat to find her/them. Did secure two Japanese Indigo dye plants and planted them straight away. Was given a tip to check out Nezinscot Farm in Turner ME for more dye plant resources. Must find Woad and Madder ASAP.

Looking for more outlets to sell the yarn and dyed fiber. Clementine is opening here in Rockland, and the Coop sells members' handiwork. Will try both this week.

Meanwhile, crocheting up a storm of little flowers for jewelry making, and must renew my library books (again) to learn about diagonal knitting from Ms. Cobey. and more tips from other designers. When I'm not out in the gardens with by neighbors  Heidi and Katrina. We're building a compost bin together out of old pine pallets from the dump. Also learning to keep the roaming cats out of our beds with coffee grinds, citrus peels and cayenne/chili pepper. Seems to be working.

Must not forget to visit New Aim Fiber Mill nearby (Waldoboro?)  this summer, too. And, Hope Spinnery in Hope.

Hmmm. I sound busy.