Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lunch at Many Hands Organic Farm

Today was so sunny, and just a perfect day for a drive to Barre to meet the farmers for lunch at Many Hands Organic Farm. We have been members of this CSA for several years, and enjoy all the fruits of their impressive labor: me the veggies, flowers, herbs, eggs, and fruit, and Jeff all of the above plus the pigs and chickens that lead very happy lives before their final day. We love getting our weekly share of veggies starting in the spring and lasting until December if you sign up for the Fall CSA membership.

Today I picked up eggs, pork and chicken after our lunch meeting. Looking forward to doing some serious baking with those beautiful fresh eggs! Plus, they have lots in store for 2010! Workshops like Pruning Trees and more start in March and run through the fall, culminating with their 2nd Annual Farm Festivus. I'm also looking forward to learning a few more skills from Julie, Jack and their gang.

Here are some of the happy critters that were out to say hello . . .

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