Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy Day In MA (and just about everywhere else!)

Jeric and I made it out for our walk today before the snow really took over. We expect over a foot, maybe more here in Central MA. Jeric's long coat is just perfectly suited for the weather, which also makes it a great source of fiber for my projects. Speaking of which, this is what his fluff looks like as a Navajo-plyed hank, and as a partially completed scarf.(Note the little bit of black detail that came from Marsh . . . a little bit of her to accompany us whenever we will wear it.)

More about Jeric . . . have been lusting to learn to make needle felted animals, and here's my first pass at making a little Jeric with his fluff. I think I need to take a lesson.

Also caught up with the "art yarn" Maile and I experimented with and here it is, ready for knitting up into something small and cute. It was plyed with black Tencel.

Looking forward to an outing on the 24th to Greenwood Hill Farm in Hubbardston with Guild members to view the new Merino lambs and finally take some new PHOTOS. Love fiber projects, but need sheep contact.

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