Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mothers and New Lambs at OSV

Saturday morning I dashed off to Sturbridge to arrive early for the annual three-day Sheep & Woolcraft Days at OSV. The first shearing of the weekend, bestowed upon the wether and senior resident Alabaster, was caught on video tape. Fascinating demonstration of hand shearing, like it was done back in the early 19th Century. He was a patient fellow, and the master shearer was very gentle.

In the sheep pastures were several new lambs and their mothers, including one just a day old. Merino and Gulf Coast Natives are the two breeds that have been bred to closely resemble the form and character of flocks the villagers would have owned at the time. Wool was big business then, and a small flock could apparently turn a nice profit for a farming family.

I shot over two hundred images. No surprise. Here is just a taste of the delightful time I had.

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