Saturday, May 5, 2012

Capturing a dog moment

Anyone who knows me well knows that Dog is My Co-Pilot. I spend a lot of time with dogs, caring for them, worrying about them, and advocating for them. Anyone who has tried to photograph dogs knows that it is a very challenging endeavor -- they move! They follow you when you want them to stay put. They don't look at the camera. Their blackness (if they have black fur) makes it hard to see their details. The list goes on.

So, in my attempt to capture another "first" in our home this morning, these results are the best I could do. The subject: Jeric allowing Igby to use his feet as a pillow. Astounding. Jeric is the guy who couldn't be within six feet of another dog back in the early days of adopting him. Now, he seems to suffer his brother's indulgences with nary a care. This is one of those fleeting moments in the life of a family I had to, absolutely had to, capture, and all I had handy was my iPhone, and that not even within arms reach. Quietly, but with deliberation, I crossed the office floor to grab the tool and secure the moment before either boy did what they always do, move head or even body to track my activity.

I wish it were a better, more composed and expertly illuminated shot. But it isn't. And, I guess, it's still perfect.

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