Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Weather in October Lures Me Outdoors

We've had days of 80-degree temps here which keep me longing to be outside instead of working on the calendar project, spinning, knitting, and other urgent tasks. I've tried to do them all outside, some with better success than others. Wifi fails me beyond a certain distance from the office. The Boys are enjoying the flurry of fall activity on display: squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits gorging themselves on the season's harvest. Igby is super quick, and Jeric is very vocal, especially when his "favorite" bunnies come out of hiding to much on the green grasses just steps away from his confinement (on the porch). I am lucky to have large picture windows in Suite 1 (the LSPR office) and down in Suite 2A (the Walking Wool studio). But, there's no comparison to the warm, fresh air these last few days have provided. They are especially sweet, as I know the chill will arrive soon.   Today I must harvest the last of the basil (it's still growing!), one of the highlights of vegetable gardening.

Ordered samples just now of the calendar, in B/W and in color. They should arrive within a week, and then I'll know what they look like in the flesh. Very exciting to be moving this long-in-the-making task forward. Next up, a letter and samples to Interweave Press, and also to Brown Trout Publishers.

Meanwhile, I pass out my calling cards where ever I go, and am updating new images on in my etsy store.

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