Monday, October 17, 2011

Shipment #1: Calendars Arrived!

This is pretty exciting. So exciting I was afraid to open the package!
I ordered two versions of my calendar from Vistaprint -- one b/w and one in color.

I LOVE  the cover images and the way the titles look. The BFL ewe in color with her one gentle eye looking upward is stunning.
cover of the color version
cover of the b/w version

The paper stock is a little thin, but I think it will help to keep the price point down, an important consideration in this economy for all concerned. Some of the images were not the best resolution, so they have to be exchanged. The data in the calendar date grid looks good, and just needs a few edits. All and all, am pretty excited. They also sent me sticky return address labels. More promo vehicles is a good thing.

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