Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer from &*()^%

I'm probably not alone in feeling this way, but a little self-pity now and then is normal, no?

Posts to this blog have been nonexistent since July . . . that should tell you something. My wheel was down, my family was in chaos, storms were strange and menacing, and fiber time was on the back burner.

The good news is there are new portfolio photos, new business cards and postcards, a few fiber excursions made, and a revitalized spinning wheel. Plus, collaborating with the Salty Ewe Farm shepherd on promotional materials has kicked me back into gear.

Living so close to OSV (Old Sturbridge Village), I escaped for a couple of hours last Sunday and hung out with the Gulf Coast Native sheep, the dyers, the herb garden, and a couple of exceptionally handsome and friendly Randall steers. Really nice to have such a charming resource 1/2 hour away.
The Gulf Coast Native sheep,which would have been popular, along with Merinos, apparently,  in New England during the  19th Century.



The Randalls, heritage breed steers who like attention.

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