Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apologies to Hungary

Some time ago (this spring???) I discovered an etsy seller from rural Hungary who had local sheep and their fleeces for sale. Here is the documentation of  the shipment that arrived, just one week after I  ordered it (my how things have changed since I was a student and shipped things to and from Europe!). The white and black fiber samples smelled richly of the beasts upon opening the envelope. That too was a treat!
But the staple! Sooooo long. Like, 8 inches? More? After taking these photos of the still dirty fiber I did wash it. Then, I got a combing lesson from my friend Chris and learned how to get these exotic long lengths into order for spinning. Only now am I actually working up the little birds' nests of roving into yarn on my wheel. It just slips through my fingers. I think it will be very strong, not much spring, but lush and special. 

Now, I have to find someone selling german sheep fleece online and so satisfy that side of my family tree.

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