Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Life, New World

Moving to Maine has been a dream for a long time. Then it became a plan a short while ago. Now it is a reality. Things are going smoothly (relatively) now that I am in my third week here. Learning how to downsize my living is a challenge as well as an adventure. I feel good about the choices and the progress I'm making, sorting it all out, which includes family business, studio affairs, and new community outreach. My fiber work kept me somewhat sane during the last five months, but I can't say I accomplished very much other than creating and giving a baby gift, as satisfying as that was. But, with a little advance planning, I've hit the ground running, so to speak, and have new fiber community connections already underway. The big news for me is I will be a first time vendor at the Maine Fiber Frolic in June. My excitement level is quite high. I'll be getting all that sorted out over the next two months.

Meanwhile, I'll do my best to post a little about the new life and what is inspiring me to get back to studio work. Local sights that remind me of why I am here, even during the chilly days of early spring.

Honey, beeswax candles and fresh maple syrup made in Hope.

Maple Syrup Machine at Sparky's Sugar Shack.
Site of our 24th anniversary dinner. Delicious.

Camden Hills in the distance and plenty of snow still for the first day of  spring.

Favorite local bakery and their ginormous sheet pizza (Atlantic Baking Company).

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Melissa said...

Welcome to MAINE!!!!
I too live in Maine and learned to spin about 2 years ago!!! As a member of the Maine Spinners I would love to welcome you to our annual meeting Saturday, April 27, from 10 am to 3 pm at the
Mill Stream Elementary School, Norridgewock. If you would like to become a member the dues are 15$$ a year and I can forward you the registration form. We will spin/knit and do everything fiber related!!!