Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wooly Bangles and More

Jewelry! Who doesn't love it?!

Walking Wool has launched a new line of felted bead designs for arms, ears, and soon, necks. I'm trying to incorporate exotic fibers (alpaca, llama, heritage breed sheep) and small trinkets featuring Walking Wool photos, plus vintage and other sweet beads made of glass, ceramic, metal or wood. The felted beads are all hand (wet) felted by me, some are of hand dyed fleece using natural dye sources (Goldenrod, Indigo, etc.) also by me, and include Icelandic, Suffolk X Finn, Mohair, Finn, Border Leicester and other breeds. Thinking I need to name them (give them a story/identity, etc.). The tiny photo is the Barre Ewe, a popular shot I took here in Central MA that is also available in my etsy store as an 8 x 10" print, or larger.

Would love some feedback.


alyson said...

lori, these are beautiful!! i especially love the last one. are these on etsy yet?

Lori Schafer said...

Yup, they're on etsy!