Sunday, April 22, 2012

Overlook Farm

Heifer Project's Overlook Farm in Rutland MA is just a few minutes away. April 19, 2012 was a lovely spring day, and it seemed that all of the new arrivals had landed. My focus was on the sheep; there were also new kids in the goat barn. They have a beautiful guard dog (female) who stays inside the sheep pen. The bovine herd was smaller than I remember, and the gentle water buffaloes were gone; just a bleached skull remained as a reminder of their time at the farm. The black pigs were gigantic. I'll be going back again, and think I should do a Overlook-through-the-Seasons portfolio. Meanwhile, I have a lot of editing and selecting to do from this new batch. These are just a taste:


alyson said...

these are beautiful! looks like they smile for the camera!

Gret said...

The last guy really cracks me up. What a look!