Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Things are looking very green still here on January 1, 2012. Nevertheless, thoughts and activities turn to sheep and wool, constantly. A late December visit to the Salty Ewe Farm flock found no snow but very woolly and warm looking ewes, wether, and new-ish ram Hercules. Camera and fingers not functioning as well as I would have liked for this shoot, so I expect to return when there is white on the ground with equipment in better shape.

Next weekend is the annual spinning bee at the Westford Museum in honor of St. Distaff Day. This homage to spinners of yore is a great way to kick off a fresh new era of all things fiber. My spinning teacher from the Textile History Museum, Penny Lacroix, is the director of this museum and, presumably, the organizer of the event. Not sure if I will make it this year, again, as it always falls on my husband's birthday weekend.

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