Friday, December 2, 2011

The Salty Ewe Farm in November

The pictures speak for themselves. Another lovely day of visiting with the flock, this time with a new stud on display. Hercules came down from Romney Ridge Farm in Wiscasset, ME. Big Bill moved on to Shearbrooke Farm, due west of Portland, where he will surely keep a new group of ewes happy, and lend his glorious cocoa coat to the farm's fiber production.
Big Bill
Big Bill is indeed.

Hercules is handsomely mottled over his face and body with browns and creams, and has a long tail. Two of the Babydoll Southdown ewes have enjoyed his company in the specially-created "love nest" -- three is definitely not a crowd for this bunch!
Little Hercules

The other light and dark ewes munched peacefully in the groomed field, keeping a wary eye on me and my cameras. Though I brought apple slices to lure them in, they are tough to convince that I am harmless.

See more images at the Walking Wool facebook page
Maybe this is the winter when I will shoot sheep in snow. Fingers crossed.

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