Thursday, May 5, 2011

March 18, 2011 at Overlook Farm/Heifer Project International

Before things got too crazy here at the home base, I managed to trek over to Overlook Farm/Heifer Project as the ewes and nannies were in their last days/weeks of pregnancy. No new babies, but plenty of expectant mothers . . . and rather sedate boys club of fathers off by themselves. New to me this year was the appearance of a large, older looking guard dog. I couldn't get to the llamas and piglets, but a couple of sows were lounging in their pen. I'm sure now there is plenty to capture there and I hope to get back soon.

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Jenny and Matt said...

Oh Laurie, these pictures are wonderful as always. You truly have the knack! Thank you for sharing - I've been missing goats quite a bit lately. And sheep, for that matter :)