Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is here

More news from Kennebunkport: Sara's ewe Callie had a black ewe lamb last week. That made two in just 7 days or so. Great timing for her birthday on the 9th of April!

Made a visit to Green Hill Park Farm, Worcester's own urban ag center on top of one of our seven city hills. It was so unseasonably warm on April 5th, and all the animals were out soaking up the Vitamin D. The fiber creatures were looking quite heavy with fleece. The chickens demonstrated their scratching prowess, and presented their gorgeous plumage. The goats were typically curious, friendly, and goofy. The farm will host the 2010 Sheep to Shawl, LLama to Pajama on Saturday, October 23rd, 12 noon to 4PM.

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