Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mass Local Food

Joined this great new food co-op last week and expect to pick up my first month's order on Friday in Holden. Got locally raised pig, beefalo, and lamb for Jeff, and bread, flour, grains, and jam for both of us. Also looking forward to the MHOF Spring CSA share starting in about one month.

In the meantime, I managed to get a few of my own seeds into my four raised bed boxes on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING, which was certainly a "first" for me. Not sure if last week's deep cold was too much of a problem for the little seeds, but certainly all the rain of this week, and the sun promised for the weekend, should be beneficial. Also, am starting basil, dill, and parsley seeds on the porch, which heats up like a hothouse during the day. Fingers crossed on that experiment, too.

And yes, still thinking about city chickens after the inspired read of FARM CITY (mentioned last week; read this great review by Dwight Garner for the NYTimes ). I would love to have just six layers and could easily fix up the potting shed to host them. A little covered outdoor run onto the back lawn, and I think they'd be quite happy. Found a great chicken photo book today published by Abrams. Inspired photography; studio shots of the birds, unlike my outdoor sheep shots. But, the concept is similar. I'll keep hoping and praying for my turn in the publishing world!

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