Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

Making the rounds with the holiday phone calls, I was updated on Sara's new handknitted hat venture. She just delivered her first bulk order of 10 locally-grown, hand spun (and in some cases, hand-dyed with natural dyes), and hand-knitted Maine wool hats to her customer. A chief contributor to the Babydoll Southdown wool knitwear was this guy, Rollie the Ram, chief sire of the growing flock, the guy who started it all with Sara's Southdown's.

Rollie's flock are producing a beautiful fleece in colors of cream, oatmeal, and chocolate brown. His offspring are sweet, fuzzy creatures (including Little Bill in the photo above with me). So exciting to see Sara manfest yet another facet of her creativity and shepherding skills.


mebopeep said...

I could not have knitted those hats without the beautiful yarn that you spun for me. Thank ewe!

Love your new blog, Lori.

Lori Schafer said...

My pleasure lady! Send me a hat photo to post here.